Meeting Date:   10/10/2017 - 5:30 PM
Category:   NEW BUSINESS
Type:   Action
Subject:   13. Wastewater Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing Proposal with Bolton & Menk, Inc.
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Bolton & Menk Proposal - WWTF Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET).pdf
Background Information The Marshall Wastewater Treatment Facility has failed its NPDES required Whole Effluent Toxicity tests in the past. This has put the Facility out of compliance with its NPDES Permit and the Facility is currently in a Toxicity Reduction Evaluation (TRE) with MPCA.

Because of this, the Facility has been working to try identify what is causing the failures. Results from past mock testing is pointing towards high Salty Discharge parameters in our effluent. Chloride is one of these. It could also be Potassium, Sulfates, Nitrates, or a combination of these. This will be a comprehensive test of several different combinations of ions to try isolate what is causing the toxicity.

We will be mock testing using a makeup of the same ions present in our current wastewater effluent water and the current city water to identify what is causing the current toxicity and also mock testing softened city water at 5 grains hardness and 10 grains and softened wastewater effluent water at 5 grains and 10 grains to see how the proposed MMU Water Plant upgrade will affect the future toxicity. Hopefully the future softening will take care of the toxicity issue.

It is critical that we determine was is causing the toxicity in order to regain compliance.
Fiscal Impact Bolton & Menk’s proposal is for an estimated $15,000.00. Other testing fees are from Minnesota Valley Testing $1,644.00 and Ramboll-Environ for the mock testing $15,732.00. Total estimated cost of $32,376 to be funded from Acount #602-90581-3312 (Wastewater Fund-Operations-Consultant Fees).
Alternative/Variations No alternative actions recommended.
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Signed By:
Glenn Olson - Dir Public Works
Signed By:
Karla Drown - Director of Finance
Signed By:
Dennis SimpsonCOSM - City Attorney
Signed By:
Sheila Dubs Signer - Interim City Administrator
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Motion #1:
Member (John DeCramer) Moved, Member (David Sturrock) Seconded to approve the Original motion 'that the Council approve proposal from Bolton & Menk, Inc. for Mock Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Testing of Wastewater Effluent.'. Upon a Roll-Call Vote being taken, the vote was: Aye: 6 Nay: 1.
The motion (XXXXXX) 6 - 1
Craig Schafer     Yes
David Sturrock     Yes
Glenn Bayerkohler     Yes
James Lozinski     Yes
John DeCramer     Yes
Robert Byrnes     Yes
Steven Meister     No